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A Kitty’s world

Imagine with me, just for a moment, that you are dropped on an alien planet. You don’t know the language, you don’t know why the heck they are doing the weirdo stuff they do, and all you can do is study them day and night to try and figure it all out.

Yes, it seems a bit ridiculous but this is how I see the world through my cat’s eyes. We do some really weird stuff in their opinion. We have no fur and what little fur we do have we get it very wet! We take off on a whim without them knowing when we will be back, we (UGH!) kiss them, and yes they sometimes they seem to understand what we say, but remember they are studying us ALL. THE. TIME. It is all they do (when they are awake and not try and get something out of us of course)

So there has to be a life lesson here right? Is there something we can learn from our furry friends? Sure!

PATIENCE IS A VERTUE: When I take Momo for a ride (which he LOVES) he doesn’t know where we are going or when we will get there, or when his cat box will become available again, but yet he waits while we drive, or while I quick run in somewhere; I get back and he is waiting very patiently for me to return, for me to let him out of his carrier. He is a very patient boy.

LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST: Have you ever seen a cat play? They don’t do after it half-hearted (well ok Snickers would) but with full gusto! Whatever you do go at it with gusto, with everything you got, throw youself in to it! As Nike said “Just do it”

MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT: Sure they sleep A LOT but, when they are awake they never turn down an offer to play, to harrass the parents, or have some good chow. They live in the here and now, and only in the here and now. I have read story after story of how animals after terrible abuse are still willing to trust and love their new parents. How? They don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow, only what is here, now and currently in front of their nose. Which leads to the next point…

FORGIVE THOSE WHO HAVE WRONGED YOU: Life is to short to hold a grudge, surround yourself with those who love you, and accept you for who you are, weird parts and all. The ones that get on your nerves because they know you too well, the ones that know how to push your buttons but all in good fun. Whether that is blood or adopted surround yourself with those who will support you in the good times and the bad.

So there you have it, lessons from your furry friend. I guess the lessons can go both ways, can’t it.

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