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Did you hear about the lady sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray kitties?

Before we get our backs into a halloween pose….

The article doesn’t make clear if these are domesticated cats or feral cats, there is a big difference. Feral cats are very independant, and self sufficient when it comes to finding food, and are not human socialzed.
Feeding ferels can actually hurt them by making them dependant on humans for food. Feeding domestics can save their lives since they, generally, don’t have the skills needed to successfully hunt.

“Won’t that make them breed?” Actually they will breed anyway whether they can support their little ones or not. It’s, unfortunately, what they do whether or not they have the resources needed. For ferrel cats the best way to control the population is to TNR (that is trap, neuter, release). This will drastically reduce the number of unwanted kittens as more and more cats are neutered in the colony. You can check in your area if there is cat rescue groups that will help out by letting you borrow traps and/or offer reduced cost for the proceedure.

“Well what she did was illegal so she should go to jail!” From what I could tell from the article what she did was against the law in the area where she lives and she received 4 citations before she was orderd to appear before the judge so I’m going to spit-ball here and say ‘yes she knew what she was doing was wrong’. She also said “I’m going to feed them until the day I die!” Sorry, but being wrong at the top of you’re lungs is still being wrong. It was still illegal in that area and there is a reason that law was put into place.

“Wasn’t there another way besides giving her citations and senting her to jail?”
Although the article didn’t say what additional steps were taken, it’s usually called talking to each other. Much can be accomplished when this happens. Maybe the community could come together and find a solution to the problem, I’m guessing she isn’t the only cat-lover in the area.

Either way as a cat lover myself I would (I’m sure) do the same. I don’t know of any law that probhits it in my specific area, and I would certianly be hesitant to bring a domesticated cat to shelter given their reputation of euthenasia. But as they say ‘where there is a will, there is a way”. In this case, it seems like a better solution could have been found.

What do you think about sending a 79 year old lady to jail for 10 days for feeding stray cats?
Would you or wouldn’t you feed stray cats (legal or not)??
What do you think the solution to this problem should be?
Comment below (Please keep it kind!)

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