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Do you reap what you sew?

Would you condsider your furrbaby spoiled? Do you think your cat has cornered the market on his or her “Royal Highness-ness?” They are certianly skilled at reading us and manipulating us to their will, but they’ve had eons of practice. The art of the spoiled cat may well have begun in ancient Egypt, where cats were held in such high regard that they were worshipped!

Despite joking that our cat will never go out and “terrible members of society” if we spoiled them a little; we do, as a consequence, have to put up with their bad behavior.

Our cat Momo was a perfect example of this; he was spoiled rotten. He was more demanding than our other cat; but now are we reaping what we have sewn since he taught all his tricks to his brother?

Momo more often than not got what he wanted, and if he didn’t he pretty much beged/pleaded/pawed and harrassed you until you caved. Maybe 1/3 of the time I put my foot down and told him no, and then one might have gotten this look…

“What do you mean “no”?”

Talk about the ultimate guilt trip!

He EXPECTED that he WOULD get what he wanted otherwise he might have resorted to a nip as the ultimate convincer.

I thought he was the ultimate spoiled child until a quick hunt on the internet put my spoiling skills to shame. If Momo only knew what else was available to him!

Are there some “good” ways to spoil your cat?
Well yes actually there are:
1. Caring for your kitty in way that allows bonding time between the two of you.
This of course depends on the cat and the mood of said cat on any one day, but playtime and brushing gives you together and bonding time

2. Treats (in moderation of course)
Who doesn’t love to give your cats treats. You may have to try out some different kinds and flavors to find out what your cat prefers (they can be a bit picky).
*Caution* Make sure to dole out in moderation; cats can be “loved” too much by giving them too much human food or treats which can lead to obesity which is far more harmful than loving.
Also cat grass is a great way to spoil your furbaby, just make sure to water often
(I could never keep it alive very long)

3. Cardboard boxes. Don’t be so quick to toss that cardboard box, there is no limit to how they can be used. Open up the bottom of the boxes and connect them together to make a tunnel or castle which can lead to wonderfully with interactive play; or cut a small hole in the bottom of the box and kitty can view or swat the passing ankle. Cardboard could be the all-time bargain cat toy.

4. Give your kitty an outdoor viewing experience. Perhaps there is there a window where you could make a formal or makeshift perch for a kitty? You can go the deluxe cat tree route or simply reserving part of a desk or other furniture near a window for your kitty’s outdoor gazing pleasure. Placing a bird feeder or bird bath near the window gives the birds tasty, nutritious food and water and your cat will have free entertainment!

There you have it 4 ways to spoil your kitty (in good ways)
So go ahead as spoil your cat (just don’t be suprised when they come to expect the royal treatment)

So how do you spoil your kitty?
Do you think your cat has the corner market on being spoiled?
Comment below (please keep it nice)

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