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Cats on the move

The time has come to relocate. Of couse you want to make sure it goes smoothly and with as little stress as possible to you and your furbabies.

First think about a strategy to make the day smoother. Is it easier to remove all the boxes and small items first then all the furniture? or just the opposite; haul out all the furniture in one load, then remove boxes and small items in trips. Having a plan can make all the difference

Before the move

Make sure any microchips or collar tag information has your new address and phone number on it. If your kitty gets our and is picked up, you can be contacted.

You can also do a quick health check up with your vet. This would be a good time to bring up any concerns and discuss ways to keep your kitty calm if you have one that is highly anxious or just really doesn’t like the car.

On the day of your move

If it is a local move, we like to bring the cat(s) over to the new home as soon as we close so that they have a chance to check out the new digs before everything is moved over. Give him/her plenty of time to sniff every corner and check out every room. If your cat is highly anxious you may want to limit his/her activity to one or two rooms and slowly give them more freedom. Everything should come together for him/her the next time he/she sees the room with the furniture that has familar smells.

On the day of the move, choose a room that is quiet and out of the way to keep your furbabies safe. Make sure to choose a room that has a door that preferably locks. The last thing you want is to have the door accidently opened during the moving process and your kitty slips out…gone and make sure you’re baby has water and litterbox available. (you can give them food but keep it light since it could cause stomach upset)
My one kitty has become the master of escape. He’s figured out just the right time to make his move, slipping out sometimes without me realizing it. Luckliy where we live now we have an enclosed entryway so it’s not too critical, but generally during a move every door is open so make sure to secure your kitty in a place they can’t accidently get out. (you may want to put a sign on the door if you are using friends or professional movers) “Kitties inside, do not open!!!”

After everything been complete, pack up your furrbaby to make the final move to your new home.

Long Distance Moves

If you are doing a long distance move I would use the same strategy, lock them up until everything is on the truck then go in and pack your furbabies up last.

Make sure to pack the car up keeing in mind you will need a place for the carrier to sit where it will not slide around; and make sure there is nothing near the carrier that could harm your baby.

You wil also want to hold back food the day of the move since this could case stomach upset in the car. Make sure you take lots of drive breaks for water, potty and reassurance that everyting is ok.

When you arrive reverse the process of packing up. Find one room that is quiet and away from all the action where the cat can relax while everything is moved in and there is no chance of escape. Again I would try to have a door with a lock, or at least have a sign on the door so it is not accidently opened. Make sure the room has no hazards. Once the move is complete and you have checked to make sure there are no loose window screens or doors that can be pushed open, then you can allow your furbaby to explore the new home.

Hopefully your move will go smoothly and you and your furbaby can enjoy your new home.

What else did you do during your last move that kept your kitty safe?
Comment below (as always please be kind)

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