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You might be a crazy cat lady if…..

You’ve delayed going to the bathroom far too long to avoid disturbing a sleeping cat on your lap-I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly peed my pants to avoid disturbing a cat. Along the same vein, in our house a request to do something or get something for the other person is hard to refuse if there is a sleeping cat on your lap. The request is usually followed by the guilt trip laden sentence “You wouldn’t want me to disturb a cat would you?”

You’ve ever quickly gotten rid of someone because your cat doesn’t like him/her-This actually happened with a cat that is no longer with us. A guy came soliciting door-to-door and our cat at the time, Snickerdoodle, let out a low growl. I have no idea what she didn’t like, but my husband ended that discussion quickly and sent him on his way.

You have a spray bottle of cleaner and a roll of paper towels hidden in every room-I don’t care how many cats you have, barf happens and it pays to be prepared! Am I right or what?

You chat with your cat and expects he/she understands-Hey don’t knock it, I have discovered that cats understand far more than they let on, after all they study us ALL. THE. TIME! In addition, you tell your cat where you are going, why you are leaving and when you plan to return every time you leave the house.

You happily sleep in weird positions to accomodate the cat in the bed-I can’t even count the number of times I’ve slept on the wrong side of the bed or in a pretzel to accommodate my furry children. I have even half joked that we need a king size bed to accomodate 4 bodies, 2 human, 2 feline (hubby nixed that one right away)

You readily accept the fact that cat hair is an accessory– I mean let’s face it, clothes come out of the dryer already decorated with cat hair so why fight it, right?

You accomodate the cat while you work (or it stops all together)-You patiently work around your cat gently removing their paw from your key pad (for the 20th time) but you never ask them to move!

So now it’s time to let your inner crazy cat lady shine.

What makes you a crazy cat lady?
Comment below! (as always please keep it kind)

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