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Why my cat might want to kill me (I am SO boring, annoying and down right neglectful)

Ok I don’t want to kill my human, can we just set that aside right from the get-go? (Us cats get such a bad rap) I do love them, they’re not bad staff and they can be pretty useful but….

Oh my goodness, humans make no sense, have you ever noticed?

They have their good points too, don’t get me wrong They provide food (when they’re home and I hound them, pardon the pun) they’re warm to sleep on (until they feel the need to use the human potty)

So let’s get serious shall we? Humans can be so boring! Either they want to sleep (ok that’s not so bad) or stare at boxes on their laps (computer), or boxes on a table (tv) that makes a lot of noise. Now, if it showed me some cat candy (birds, or squirrels) I might be able to see it’s use, but as it is, I just don’t see the point.

Does your human have annoying habits? Mine certianly do! I don’t know why but humans feel this need to touch, feel and rub cat pads, ears, and tail. Not my cup of tea, now don’t get me wrong my brother Momo (rest his soul) didn’t seem to care, but it’s certianly not for me!

Now can we talk about weird habits? The most obvious is the need to put cloth all over their bodies. Now, I suppose if I were born naked I might feel the need to cover up too but with a nice fur coat, I’m cozy all the time.

And what’s with soaking yourself down from head to toe? Again, a fur coat makes this pretty uncomfortable but for heaven sakes just give your self a good licking will surfice. Give it a try and you’ll see. Make sure to show off your flexiblity while you’re at it by cleaning your most private areas while company is around.

And they can be so neglectful, err forgetful. Are you’re humans like mind where you are constantly having to remind them of things; especiall food! Mine are so distracted all the time by the box on their lap, or the box on the table! I have to start remind them 2 hours ahead of dinner time because they get distracted far too easy. If I didn’t remind them early and often, boy I’d never get fed!

And what’s with taking off all the time? They tell me it’s to earn provision for me (I’m not so sure about that) They tell me they will be back in 2 hours, or 6 hours, which of course means nothing to me. It would be far more useful to measure time in nap length. You know cat nap, serious nap or sleeptime!

I could go on and on, and I probably should! But I think I’ll stop. I’ve aired my greviance. I just hope my humans are listening

Snickers Clark…

What do you do that your furrbaby finds really annoying?

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