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Has there ever been a cat you just had to give a home to? (Snicker’s Story)

YES! oh heavens yes.

I work as a home health aid and I do run across from time to time a cat that becomes homeless when the owner goes to a home or passes away.

Sadly for me, my husband’s patience and now our Condo Association will not allow me to adopt every cat I find that needs a home and I have to sadly allow them to be rehomed else where.

But Snickers was different.
His parents, sadly, seperated and he couldn’t stay, so as a temporary placement he was placed with his grandma (my client). This wasn’t the greatest of situations. She was in an apartment and Snickers was not properly registered (although I’m pretty sure the staff knew he was there) and I don’t think my client wasn’t thrilled he was there; when he’d jump up on the bed she’d get him down by throwing treats.

In this time Snickers and I had bonded. I was there for at least a couple of hours 4-5 times a week, and I gave him as much love and attention as I could in that time.

When it was time for my client to go to a home, I could see what was coming. His mom couldn’t take him back, and my client likely wasn’t going to come home, so Snickers would likely go to a shelter, so I convinced my husband he needed to come home with us. I wonder sometimes how he would have managed at the shelter with all the strange noises and sounds. He is a very sweet boy but a bit shy. I think he would have been rehomed, but how would that experience affect him?

Fortunately for him and for us that was not his fate.

After he came home, it took quite some time (and a move) for my two cats to stop deciding the intermittently couldn’t stand each other and that having a buddy was better than an enemy.

Snicker learned much from his brother before Mo passed earlier this summer, like how to demand food and laps are nice, and so is wrestle time.

So that is the story of our sweet, sweet boy, the one I just couldn’t say no to, and I have to say I’m so glad I didn’t.

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