We’ve had cats most of my life. From Marcus Aralius Katicus and Tinkerbelle as a kid to Snicerdoodle, Momo and Snickers as an adult. I’m a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady in-training. The only thing that stops me from going full-on CCL is my husband and a small insignificat Condo Association rule that limits us to just 2 cats. (minor details)


My dream has always been to reno a large barn to an almost house level and take in every unwanted fur baby I can get my hands on. That will likely never happen, but a girl can dream!

I wanted to start a blog to be able to share my love of cats and with you, and to be in community with others that love cats too.

From their pink noses to their jelly-bean toes, I love everything cat!

I envision this blog as being a bit of this, and touch of that. Some fun, some serious with a dash of silliness.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.



Sex: Neutered Male
Born: April 2009
Life Motto: “Whatever”

Former Editors


Sex: Neutered Male
August 2005-June 2019
Life Motto: “I am Siamese, hear me ROAR!”


Sex: Spayed Female
July 1995-April 2008
Life Motto: “Where’s the carbs!?”

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