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Bond with your cat (really!)

There is a general misconception that cats are aloof and don’t need humans; they are completely independant. Well, it depends, on the cat.

It depends greatly on personality of the cat, but also their history. How were they treated in the past; were they loved or mistreated, were they ever outside on their own or ferrel?

Even if you’re cat is somewhat aloof I believe you can bond at some level but remember that it always has to be on the cat’s terms. If you can show that you are trustworthy they can grow and change.


This is probably the easiest and and if you’re cat is a bit fearful, you can do it at a bit of a distance. First you need to find out you’re cat’s favorite type of play.

  1. Try getting their hunting instincts going with a feather or tastle on a string or try dragging a rope or string across the floor and see if he/she chases it.
  2. A paperbag can make a great inexpensive toy. Cats love to hunker down inside, when they do try poking or scratching the outside and watch them attack!
    You can also play this game if your cat likes to get on the bed while you’re making it. Cover him or her with the fitted sheet or top sheet and gently run you’re fingers over the covers on top of the cat. Just be really careful if you’re cat has front claws, they can get a bit over enthusastic.
  3. Try playing fetch. Yes they can actually play fetch. Try tossing a milk ring and see if they bring it back, if they do make sure to reinforce it with praise and a treat, you might have just discovered a new game!
  4. See what else you’re cat is game for. You never know, when just interacting with your cat, you may just discover a brand new game that just you two know.
    With our Snickerdoodle it was the “eagle” game, and Momo loved table hockey. Theses are not your typical cat games, they were unique to the cat.

Just remember cat’s are sprinters not long distance runnner when it comes to playtime.

Lap Time

Not all cats are lap cats, but if you’re cat is it is a great way to bond. Our Snickers was not a lap cat at all when he was in his previous home. After coming to our home, he discoverd how nice laps can be, and now he follows me around the house when I get home from work screaming at me to ‘sit down already!’
Not all cats but many actually crave physical contact, so lap time is a great way for your cat to get what it wants while you get some time to bond.


Brushing your cat is a great way to bond, it also can reduce the amount of cat hair that is left everwhere!
With our cats I found that depending on the length of the fur can determine the type of brush that they prefer. We have a brush with metal teeth that Snicker loves. He has mid-length fur and it’s pretty thick, Momo never really liked the metal brush, he was a short hair and his fur was a bit finer. Experiment a bit to find out what kind of brush you’re cat likes, when you find it, believe me they’ll let you know!

If you’re really fortunate you’re cat might groom you back. Snickers (I believe) is the only cat we’ve had that has done this. He will headbutt me in the morning to wake me up so we can have a little mommy/son time, and if he’s in the mood he will sometimes lick my face. It is so sweet, and he’s really gentle about it. Just don’t let them like too much in one place, Snikers actually gave me a bit of an abrasion burn on my ear once. If you can, see if you can get him/her to move on to another spot or it may just be time to end the session.

Bonding is possible with your cat, but it takes time and effort to make it happen.

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Has there ever been a cat you just had to give a home to? (Snicker’s Story)

YES! oh heavens yes.

I work as a home health aid and I do run across from time to time a cat that becomes homeless when the owner goes to a home or passes away.

Sadly for me, my husband’s patience and now our Condo Association will not allow me to adopt every cat I find that needs a home and I have to sadly allow them to be rehomed else where.

But Snickers was different.
His parents, sadly, seperated and he couldn’t stay, so as a temporary placement he was placed with his grandma (my client). This wasn’t the greatest of situations. She was in an apartment and Snickers was not properly registered (although I’m pretty sure the staff knew he was there) and I don’t think my client wasn’t thrilled he was there; when he’d jump up on the bed she’d get him down by throwing treats.

In this time Snickers and I had bonded. I was there for at least a couple of hours 4-5 times a week, and I gave him as much love and attention as I could in that time.

When it was time for my client to go to a home, I could see what was coming. His mom couldn’t take him back, and my client likely wasn’t going to come home, so Snickers would likely go to a shelter, so I convinced my husband he needed to come home with us. I wonder sometimes how he would have managed at the shelter with all the strange noises and sounds. He is a very sweet boy but a bit shy. I think he would have been rehomed, but how would that experience affect him?

Fortunately for him and for us that was not his fate.

After he came home, it took quite some time (and a move) for my two cats to stop deciding the intermittently couldn’t stand each other and that having a buddy was better than an enemy.

Snicker learned much from his brother before Mo passed earlier this summer, like how to demand food and laps are nice, and so is wrestle time.

So that is the story of our sweet, sweet boy, the one I just couldn’t say no to, and I have to say I’m so glad I didn’t.

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My cat the nip addict.

Pssst it’s Snickers, Oh do I have a tale to tell you!

It started off innocent enough.

My human went shopping and found a fresh cat nip plant and purchased it thinking it would be a nice diversion. Well I have to say, a nice diversion indeed!
From the first munch my world got swirly, my head feels ohhh soooo gooood, too good.
Ohhh, I loooove my cat nip! I love to roll in it, I love to eat it! Did I mention how much I love it?

I returned to my plant again and again and again, wanting to keep that feeling, that goooood feeling.
I didn’t notice the leaves disappearing, I had no idea there would be an end.
Before I knew it all I had was stalks! The good feeling is disappearing! What do I do?
I know mom and dad keep a stash of dry cat nip in the cabinet. I thought maybe if I look toward the cabinet with a sad look and a few pathetic meows maybe I can score some.
No luck, she only speaks English! Ugh

It’s late at night and I can’t stand it, I have to have my nip! Maybe I can get some from the cabinet. Oh it’s so high up, and they keep it on the top shelf!

That’s when I had a brillant idea! From the floor to the countertop in one fluid leap. Then from the countertop to the top of the frig and a quick hop to the top of the cabinets. I’ve done that so many times I could do it in my sleep! Carefully and quietly I pried open the cabinet, and there it was the can of dried glorious goodness. I reached down and caught the top with my claw and down it fell hitting the counter on the way down smashing the canister and spilling catnip all over the floor. Oh glorious day, luck was on my side. I jumped down and began to roll; I rolled and rolled and ate and ate some more peering down the hall occassionaly to make sure everyone was still asleep.
My head started to feel good but not a good as the fresh stuff; I needed the real deal. All I can do is sleep, the feeling is fading but the memory remains, maybe lady luck will return tomorrow.

The next morning lady luck did return. mom went out to the freezer on the porch. As she was rummaging around I snuck out and quietly slipped over the edge. If what I sought wasn’t in the house, maybe it was outside.

I was wandered aimlessly for what felt like hours, until I was so hot and tired and a bit sorry I had left home. I decided to take a nap under a bush. I was dreaming a sweet dream of when my catnip plant had lots of lush leaves when I heard this voice.


I jumped straight up back arched, I had no idea if it was friend or foe.

“relax man”

I opened one eye and discoverd the voice came from a big tom cat that looked pretty rough around the edges if you know what I mean; parts of a tail and ear missing and fur clumped and matted, he had obviouly been around.

“I just want to know what your deal is, obviously you’re not from the streets”

I explained what I was looking for a nip high.

“Oh that’s no problem, but what do I get from the deal? Do you hunt?”

I shook my head “I guess I can try, I’ll be back”

He nodded

My first attempt wasn’t too bad. I snagged a grasshopper without too much effort

“Man this is easy” I thought “I’ll have my nip in no time!”

When I returned and dropped the grasshopper at the tom cat’s feet he looked disappointed.

“Is this it, this is all you brought to fill my stomach? This is a mere snack! Bring me something substantial and I’ll show you where you can find you’re nip”

“Like what?” I asked

“It has to be something to fill my belly; bring me a rat, bird or a rabbit and you have a deal”

My head was spinning I never had to actually hunt for my dinner, all I had to do is yell at mom or dad and they gave me what I wanted.

So off I went, and soon I saw a rabbit at the edge of the woods. I sprung into action chasing it left, chasing it right until…. it vanished. “What the heck” I thought.

I looked around and there was a robin pecking at a worm in the grass. “I got this” I thought. I crouched low like mom used to show us, focused my eyes on it, and sprung! Only to have it fly away. “I guess I’m not really a hunter” I thought dejectedly.

Just then a chipmunk scurried by. I made my move and trapped it under my paw.

“Ah ha! I am a hunter afterall!” I pick it up by the neck and carry it back to the old tom cat.

He simply shook his head, and the look on his face said “Better luck next time” as he walked away.

I couldn’t believe it, I felt so betrayed! My draw dropped in disbelief; and the chipmunk scurried away, thankful for another chance at life.

By this time it was getting late and I figured I’d better get home. I walked back to the porch and meow loudly hoping someone was home. It didn’t take long before the slider flew open and mom and dad came running out so happy to see me.

The hugged me and cooed at me (it was pathetic) but I was home.

From that point on I decided that that was enough!

Mom and dad carried me back in to the house and gave me canned cat food, and let me tell you it NEVER tasted so good. I played with my toys and then I jumped up on the bed and I slept the best, most peacful sleep; and I dreamt about chasing moths and flies.

No more nip for me!

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Why my cat might want to kill me (I am SO boring, annoying and down right neglectful)

Ok I don’t want to kill my human, can we just set that aside right from the get-go? (Us cats get such a bad rap) I do love them, they’re not bad staff and they can be pretty useful but….

Oh my goodness, humans make no sense, have you ever noticed?

They have their good points too, don’t get me wrong They provide food (when they’re home and I hound them, pardon the pun) they’re warm to sleep on (until they feel the need to use the human potty)

So let’s get serious shall we? Humans can be so boring! Either they want to sleep (ok that’s not so bad) or stare at boxes on their laps (computer), or boxes on a table (tv) that makes a lot of noise. Now, if it showed me some cat candy (birds, or squirrels) I might be able to see it’s use, but as it is, I just don’t see the point.

Does your human have annoying habits? Mine certianly do! I don’t know why but humans feel this need to touch, feel and rub cat pads, ears, and tail. Not my cup of tea, now don’t get me wrong my brother Momo (rest his soul) didn’t seem to care, but it’s certianly not for me!

Now can we talk about weird habits? The most obvious is the need to put cloth all over their bodies. Now, I suppose if I were born naked I might feel the need to cover up too but with a nice fur coat, I’m cozy all the time.

And what’s with soaking yourself down from head to toe? Again, a fur coat makes this pretty uncomfortable but for heaven sakes just give your self a good licking will surfice. Give it a try and you’ll see. Make sure to show off your flexiblity while you’re at it by cleaning your most private areas while company is around.

And they can be so neglectful, err forgetful. Are you’re humans like mind where you are constantly having to remind them of things; especiall food! Mine are so distracted all the time by the box on their lap, or the box on the table! I have to start remind them 2 hours ahead of dinner time because they get distracted far too easy. If I didn’t remind them early and often, boy I’d never get fed!

And what’s with taking off all the time? They tell me it’s to earn provision for me (I’m not so sure about that) They tell me they will be back in 2 hours, or 6 hours, which of course means nothing to me. It would be far more useful to measure time in nap length. You know cat nap, serious nap or sleeptime!

I could go on and on, and I probably should! But I think I’ll stop. I’ve aired my greviance. I just hope my humans are listening

Snickers Clark…

What do you do that your furrbaby finds really annoying?

Comment below

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And we’re live in 3, 2, 1….

I have always considered myself a crazy cat lady…. in training anyway, never really able to put my full crazy lady out on display for varying reasons, so in a way I can let it out here.

Since started this blog in May 2019, and I have been quietly working on it, improving it, adding to it, trying to figure this blogging thing out.

There is certialy a steep learning curve to all of this, not only creatively, but with words like optimization and monitize and affiliation, it goes far beyond just the creativeness of making content.

So why am I telling you all this, especially to the 5-6 loyal followers that I see reading my content faithfully?

Well, you see, it’s just that, just me, a keyboard and a few faithful readers so far. I haven’t had the nerve to REALLY put my writing out there. It’s a scary, scary thing; but it’s time.

Purrbaby Blog has come a long way and it’s time to officially LAUNCH! It is time, to tell the world about Purrbaby Blog and to let my inner crazy cat lady shine!

For those of you who have been faithfully reading my posts, I can not possibly say thank you enough. You are my loyal base.

For all the new readers I hope will discover this blog and enjoy the content I have put out there so far, welcome, come in make yourself at home (drinks and food are in the frig)

I hope in the future to continue to produce content that is worthy of you’re time, to have interaction and conversation with my readers.

If you have something you’d like me to cover give a shout and I will do my best!
Again thank you for being here

Purrbaby Blog

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Rainbow Bridge Rememberance Day-August 28, 2019

Just this side of heaven is a sunny, green meadow with a multi-colored, prismatic bridge that leads to heaven. When our furrbabies pass away they cross the rainbow bridge from this world to the next.

Here, there is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and they are warm and comfortable; they are healthy, whole, and strong again, just as we remember them in times gone by. They are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

Here, our furrbabies romp and play until their owner dies. When their human arrives at the meadow, the furrbaby stops playing, turns, sniffs at the air and looks into the distance where they see their beloved parent. They cross the bridge together into heaven.

The concept for the pet Rainbow Bridge may have been based on the Bifröst bridge of Norse Mythology. It was said to be a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.

The first reference of the Rainbow Bridge can be found in the book Beautiful Joe’s Paradise by Margaret Marshall Saunders. Author Deborah Barnes started Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day to give all pet-lovers a day to share memories of beloved pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are waiting for us there. 

So August 28th each year is designated as Rainbow Bridge Rememberance day. It is a day to remember and honor those furbabies that are no longer with us.

So how do you celebrate Rainbow Rememberance day? Here a few suggestions.

  • Change your profile picture to a favorite photo of your furaby on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat account, or use the official Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day logo as your image to share the day with others.
  • Post a favorite memory, story, or your thoughts about your furbaby on your social media accounts and invite friends to add their memories. Change your profile picture to a favorite photo of your furaby on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat account, or use the official Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day logo as your image to share the day with others.
  • Make a photo collage. Just through the process of gathering, selecting, and arranging photos into a collage, you’ll be able to relive so many moments of your furbaby’s life.
  • Make a shadowbox. Shadowboxes and shadowbox kits are readily available at most craft stores and online. You could include your furbaby’s favorite toy, favorite photos, or even his/her collar.

So this Aug 28th let’s all remember those precious lives that we shared. Remember the good times, share the stories; so that their memory stays alive.

What are your favorite memories of your furbaby?
Perhaps when they make you laugh? When they got themselves in trouble and need mom or dad to save them?
Comment below (As always please be kind)


There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. 
It is called Rainbow Bridge because of its many splendid colors. 
Just this side of Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills, 
and valleys with lush, green grass. 
When beloved pets die, they go to this place. 
There is always food and water and warm spring weather. 
The old and frail animals are young again. 
Those who are maimed are made whole again. 
They play all day with each other. 
There is only one thing missing. 
They are not with their special person who loved 
them on earth. 
So each day they run and play. 
Until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up! 

The nose twitches. 
The ears are up! 
The eyes are staring. 
And this one suddenly runs from the group. 
You have been seen! 
And when you and your special friend meet, 
you take him in your arms and embrace. 
Your face is kissed again and again and again, 
and you look once more more into the eyes of your trusting pet. 
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together… 
Never again to be separated.

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Do you think it’s good to get a companion for your cat?

First of all this is a bit of a loaded question because it depends totally on the cat. I think you have to evaluate the temperment of the cat. Is it allof and not terribly social or is he or she all over you everytime you arrive home? Has the cat ever been around other animals? and how did he or she do? Try to step back and look at the cat you have not with a clear perspective (if possible) This is the quick, down and dirty answer.

The longer answer is I believe so, but let me explain. Our Siamese Momo was an only child for the first 4 years we had him, and I truly believed that if he had a choice he would have been fine with life continuing like that. We also knew he wasn’t perticularly good with other cats because when we got him, he was in a bedroom of the foster home in a large cage, while the other 2 siamese had free roam of the room.

Now doing a quick judgement of the house and situation, I’m guessing they were thrown in together without a proper introduction, which will fail everytime!

When we got Snickers, Momo was not to pleased. He was happy as an only cat thank-you-very-much; and it took them a long time to like each other. It was enemeies for a while then frienimies for probably about a year. (and I researched the heck out of how to do a proper introduction.) I really beileve that when we moved was the game changer. It was no longer Snickers on Mo’s territory, but both on neutral territory. I’m not saying you have to move to make it work, but in our situation, it helped tremendiously. I’m guessing it can still work, but it may take even more time.

After the move, we noticed a change in both of them. They would sleep near each other, then one would use the other’s rump for a pillow, then they started playing together which was amazing! Now that Momo passed away I see a change in Snickers. He’s less interested in things like visiting with the neighbor. Because he had a companion I think he misses having one. I’m sure we will eventually get another cat when my husband is ready. I just hope Snickers remembers when he was the one invading the territory and how much that wasn’t appreciated and that he is a bit kinder to the next cat, but we will see.

Introducing a new cat

If you get a cat from a shelter I have noticed at least some will tell you “not good with children” or “not good with other cats and/or dogs” so of course if you already have one this isn’t going to work well.

When you bring you’re new cat home, segregate the new one from the old one and let the new furbaby settle in for a few days.
You can start introducing them by taking something the resident cat sleeps on and introduce it to the new cat and visa versa. This is step 1
After a while, if you can crack the door a bit and let them sniff each other out, and see how that goes. Do they growl and hiss? Are they just curious?

You can also switch their positions. Put the resident cat in the room for a while and allow the new cat to roam, this way they get used to each other’s scent.

Next allow them to interact under supervision. How do they act toward each other? Do they hiss and scream? do they completely ingnore each other?

When the seem to tolerate each other, you can allow them to interact freely.
Don’t be suprised if they back step. We went from frenimies to enemies many many times. They would be fine one minute then everything would hit the fan the next. It doesn’t neccesarily mean all hope is lost, they just have to work it out.

Remember take it slow, this process can be over the course of weeks if neccessary. Carefully gage how each cat is reacting before proceeding to the next step.

Some cats will come to become great friends, others will learn to tolerate the other cat, and some just unfortunatly never can seem to get along. Just remember not to give up too soon. It took a very long time for Momo and Snickers, but in the end they became best buds!

Have you ever introduced two cats?
Did it work out or not?

Leave a comment below!

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You might be a crazy cat lady if…..

You’ve delayed going to the bathroom far too long to avoid disturbing a sleeping cat on your lap-I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly peed my pants to avoid disturbing a cat. Along the same vein, in our house a request to do something or get something for the other person is hard to refuse if there is a sleeping cat on your lap. The request is usually followed by the guilt trip laden sentence “You wouldn’t want me to disturb a cat would you?”

You’ve ever quickly gotten rid of someone because your cat doesn’t like him/her-This actually happened with a cat that is no longer with us. A guy came soliciting door-to-door and our cat at the time, Snickerdoodle, let out a low growl. I have no idea what she didn’t like, but my husband ended that discussion quickly and sent him on his way.

You have a spray bottle of cleaner and a roll of paper towels hidden in every room-I don’t care how many cats you have, barf happens and it pays to be prepared! Am I right or what?

You chat with your cat and expects he/she understands-Hey don’t knock it, I have discovered that cats understand far more than they let on, after all they study us ALL. THE. TIME! In addition, you tell your cat where you are going, why you are leaving and when you plan to return every time you leave the house.

You happily sleep in weird positions to accomodate the cat in the bed-I can’t even count the number of times I’ve slept on the wrong side of the bed or in a pretzel to accommodate my furry children. I have even half joked that we need a king size bed to accomodate 4 bodies, 2 human, 2 feline (hubby nixed that one right away)

You readily accept the fact that cat hair is an accessory– I mean let’s face it, clothes come out of the dryer already decorated with cat hair so why fight it, right?

You accomodate the cat while you work (or it stops all together)-You patiently work around your cat gently removing their paw from your key pad (for the 20th time) but you never ask them to move!

So now it’s time to let your inner crazy cat lady shine.

What makes you a crazy cat lady?
Comment below! (as always please keep it kind)

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Cats on the move

The time has come to relocate. Of couse you want to make sure it goes smoothly and with as little stress as possible to you and your furbabies.

First think about a strategy to make the day smoother. Is it easier to remove all the boxes and small items first then all the furniture? or just the opposite; haul out all the furniture in one load, then remove boxes and small items in trips. Having a plan can make all the difference

Before the move

Make sure any microchips or collar tag information has your new address and phone number on it. If your kitty gets our and is picked up, you can be contacted.

You can also do a quick health check up with your vet. This would be a good time to bring up any concerns and discuss ways to keep your kitty calm if you have one that is highly anxious or just really doesn’t like the car.

On the day of your move

If it is a local move, we like to bring the cat(s) over to the new home as soon as we close so that they have a chance to check out the new digs before everything is moved over. Give him/her plenty of time to sniff every corner and check out every room. If your cat is highly anxious you may want to limit his/her activity to one or two rooms and slowly give them more freedom. Everything should come together for him/her the next time he/she sees the room with the furniture that has familar smells.

On the day of the move, choose a room that is quiet and out of the way to keep your furbabies safe. Make sure to choose a room that has a door that preferably locks. The last thing you want is to have the door accidently opened during the moving process and your kitty slips out…gone and make sure you’re baby has water and litterbox available. (you can give them food but keep it light since it could cause stomach upset)
My one kitty has become the master of escape. He’s figured out just the right time to make his move, slipping out sometimes without me realizing it. Luckliy where we live now we have an enclosed entryway so it’s not too critical, but generally during a move every door is open so make sure to secure your kitty in a place they can’t accidently get out. (you may want to put a sign on the door if you are using friends or professional movers) “Kitties inside, do not open!!!”

After everything been complete, pack up your furrbaby to make the final move to your new home.

Long Distance Moves

If you are doing a long distance move I would use the same strategy, lock them up until everything is on the truck then go in and pack your furbabies up last.

Make sure to pack the car up keeing in mind you will need a place for the carrier to sit where it will not slide around; and make sure there is nothing near the carrier that could harm your baby.

You wil also want to hold back food the day of the move since this could case stomach upset in the car. Make sure you take lots of drive breaks for water, potty and reassurance that everyting is ok.

When you arrive reverse the process of packing up. Find one room that is quiet and away from all the action where the cat can relax while everything is moved in and there is no chance of escape. Again I would try to have a door with a lock, or at least have a sign on the door so it is not accidently opened. Make sure the room has no hazards. Once the move is complete and you have checked to make sure there are no loose window screens or doors that can be pushed open, then you can allow your furbaby to explore the new home.

Hopefully your move will go smoothly and you and your furbaby can enjoy your new home.

What else did you do during your last move that kept your kitty safe?
Comment below (as always please be kind)

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Cats and hot weather

The hottest months of summer are here and it is blazing hot in may parts of the country it is always a good time for a reminder about taking extra care for our furrbabies


Especially if you don’t have central air, set up a fan on the floor so kitty can lay in front of it if he or she gets too warm.


Brown Tabby Kitten on Bowl

This is the MOST important thing you can do for your furbaby. They can quickly get dehydrated and are unable to just go to the faucet for a drink, so make sure you have fresh water out for your kitty. If you can, when the hot weather it is good to have a couple of bowls out so if one runs low there is another choice, but don’t go crazy and put one in every room or you’re more than likely to drive yourself crazy trying to keep them all filled! You can also pop an ice cube or two in and it will keep the water cool for a time; and if you’re cat is like mine it could be a bit of entertainment as kitty gives the ice cube a poke with a paw only to find out it’s a bit cold and quite wet!


This shouldn’t be a problem if you kitty has a run of the house like mine. But if he/she is sequestered during the day while you’re gone, justs keep in mind the sun moves so make sure that there is somewhere they can escape the direct sunlight and have a place to cool down.


A well-groomed coat will help to keep your cat cool. If your cat has long fur, a professional clipping can their suffering during summer.  Talk to your veterinarian about whether giving your cat a clip could help. Another option is to have only the tummy clipped.


Damp down a washcloth or paper towel and stroking your cat with it can also help. Most cats don’t mind a little bit of moisture on their fur. One of the ways cats cool themselves down is by grooming, which is nothing more than wetting their fur with saliva rather than water.

There you have it, ways to beat the heat, for your furbaby anyway.

What other ways do you like to help your furbaby beat the heat?
Comment below (please be kind)