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The long way home

Momo has always loved car rides, and I have no idea where this love came from.

We were looking to adopt a purebred Siamese cat and found one in foster care in Madison, Wisconsin; we lived just west of Grand Rapids, Mi about a 6 hour drive. When we were ready to load Momo up, my husband held the carrier up to Mo’s level, pointed to Momo, pointed to the carrier, and I swear the look on Momo’s face was “Anything has got to be better than this place” and he willingly walked into the carrier and in to our lives. Ever since he has loved car rides. He barely made a peep the 6 hour drive back to Michigan.

Sometimes, at home, he would seemed to get cabin fever that was always resolved by taking him for a car ride to, well, anywhere or nowhere he really didn’t care!

Even after he lost his sight, he still loved car rides. I don’t know if it is the hum of the engine or the noise of the wheels gliding across the asphalt, he just loved to go.
He would sit in his carrier double tucked just enjoying the day and the time away from home.

I think perhaps his favorite time was when we were going into Grand Rapids so he could get chemo therapy for his cancer. It was a 45 min drive each way, and summer construction often made it longer. He seemed to just relish the fact that he got to be in the car a long, long time and he wanted to soak in every moment.

Now after months of going back and fourth we headed to the vet one last time; this will be Momo’s last ride; he is headed for the rainbow bridge.

I hope in heaven they have endless car rides because I know he would love that. Perhaps he could teach his sister, who is already there, to love them too.