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Cats and hot weather

The hottest months of summer are here and it is blazing hot in may parts of the country it is always a good time for a reminder about taking extra care for our furrbabies


Especially if you don’t have central air, set up a fan on the floor so kitty can lay in front of it if he or she gets too warm.


Brown Tabby Kitten on Bowl

This is the MOST important thing you can do for your furbaby. They can quickly get dehydrated and are unable to just go to the faucet for a drink, so make sure you have fresh water out for your kitty. If you can, when the hot weather it is good to have a couple of bowls out so if one runs low there is another choice, but don’t go crazy and put one in every room or you’re more than likely to drive yourself crazy trying to keep them all filled! You can also pop an ice cube or two in and it will keep the water cool for a time; and if you’re cat is like mine it could be a bit of entertainment as kitty gives the ice cube a poke with a paw only to find out it’s a bit cold and quite wet!


This shouldn’t be a problem if you kitty has a run of the house like mine. But if he/she is sequestered during the day while you’re gone, justs keep in mind the sun moves so make sure that there is somewhere they can escape the direct sunlight and have a place to cool down.


A well-groomed coat will help to keep your cat cool. If your cat has long fur, a professional clipping can their suffering during summer.  Talk to your veterinarian about whether giving your cat a clip could help. Another option is to have only the tummy clipped.


Damp down a washcloth or paper towel and stroking your cat with it can also help. Most cats don’t mind a little bit of moisture on their fur. One of the ways cats cool themselves down is by grooming, which is nothing more than wetting their fur with saliva rather than water.

There you have it, ways to beat the heat, for your furbaby anyway.

What other ways do you like to help your furbaby beat the heat?
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