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Can you leave your pet home alone?

I just read a response on a comment feed that annoyed me to be very honest.

The response was something like “We left our cat home alone for a week with one visit from a neighbor and he was fine.

Why do people think that because cats are independant to the point they can become an afterthought in your plans? Now I am not suggesting that you take your kitty with you (although many hotels are now pet friendly these days!) but when you plan that vacation don’t make last minute plans for furrbaby, but accomdate them as you would your child that you are not taking along.

Food and Water

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Yes, your cat needs food and water that is obvious, that is a BASIC need. Do you know who much food your furbaby goes through? Don’t take a chance that he or she will run out before you return.



People believe cats are allof. You know your kitty, is he or she? Or does he or she, like my cat, follow you all over the house until I finally settle somewhere, just so they have the opportunity to connect with you…
Remember that they don’t know when you will be back. They don’t have the capacitity to understand that it will be a short while, or a long while before you return or if you’ll ever be back. This can lead to feelings of abandonment if you are not careful. Has your kitty ever ‘punished’ you after you’ve been gone for a while only to ‘forgive’ you after a peroid.
There is an easier way to avoid this, which is to make sure your kitty gets all the love and attention he or she needs while you are gone.


Cats are fisidious about their box, some more so than others. Imagine having to use the toilet that has not been flushed for several days. Besides the fact that they will step in it, it won’t smell too nice either!
If your cat is very picky about their box, he or she could go to the bathroom in other places in the house in retaliation. This can then lead to the cat using the same place as a bathroom spot. So don’t risk it, make sure you have someone who is willing to keep your cat’s box clean.


I feel I would feel remiss if I didn’t talk about boarding your furrbaby.
“Oh I could never board by baby because…..” [fill in the blank here]
You know I felt that way too but when we decided to replace all the flooring in our condo, and our usual cat sitter wasn’t available, the only other real option was to board him.
It was actually much easier than I expected, the hard part was cutting the motherly apron-strings. He did great! We decided to board at a vet office that we had previously used with one of our cats. They explained that they pumped a pheromone in to the room to make sure their boarders are nice and calm and to make the experience as pleasant as possible. The also have kennel staff that come in after close to feed, scoop litter and play with the boarders. Our kitty came through with flying colors, much to the relief of his mom and it was very reasonably priced too!

So next time you plan that vacation, don’t leave out your furbaby in your plans. Make sure their needs are accomodated too. Whether it’s at home with a cat sitter, or with a boarder, I promise you’re kitty will be much happier while you are gone, and will welcome you back with a loving purr when your return instead of a snub.

Let me know what you think (Please keep it kind)
Would you consider boarding? Have you boarded a furbaby before? How did it go?
How does your kitty do when you go away? Is there a ‘punishment’ period when you return?